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Our Mission is a humble one; utilize over 30 years of supporting and learning from public and private school educators and help them tell their story.

We support teachers, staff, administrators and school boards who have thousands of stories that need to be told. Stories that contain the passionate hopes and dreams of real people doing the work day in and day out. Great storytelling equals great results and we want to play a small part in getting that story out there.


Goals need to be clear and in writing to become a reality.  The online world we all live in is ideal to take a goal and make it a reality.  Our Goal is “Simple and Effective.”

We want to:

  • Make a school administrators life easier through simple technology
  • Allow schools to tell stories to donors in the most effective way with built-in follow-up


The Givedot Program grew as a ministry opportunity from our parent company, Educator Resources.  We serve thousands of private schools, churches and mission sending organizations to take care of their employees and students.

  • In 2018, our clients began to ask about a better solution to fundraising.
  • One that is not a one size fits all, but rather a system or program that was tailored to private schools.   With this in mind, we interviewed dozens of school administrators, development officers, board members, and school faculty.
  • We then sought out the guidance from program developers and fundraising experts around the country.  Ultimately, we partnered with experts that understood schools and mission trip participants and started what became The Givedot Program.


Our clients are different!  Private Schools are a unique brand of 501 (c) 3 organizations. 

  • Most schools fund the majority of their operating costs through tuition
  • Most schools need a donor base to help grow their school and cushion it in lean times
  • All schools need extra support in the Development Office and tools to make life easier


Schools, Ministries and Mission Sending Organizations need support to tell their story!

  • Our faithfully funded model allows the client to have the platform at ZERO cost
  • Our platform maximizes a school’s brand by integrating into its website… avoiding the credibility pitfalls of 3rd party donation platforms

Our platform makes telling your story easy, and following up with the donors even easier! (The number one challenge schools see is the difficulty in following up after a giving campaign)


Our Story starts with our history, but continues to be told through our clients and their success.  Peek in at a few of our clients to see how they tell their story: